Agueda Johnston Middle School back to normal

A foul odor earlier this morning prompted officials to evacuate Agueda Johnston Middle School.
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The evacuation of Agueda Johnston Middle School has ended and students are back in the classrooms, the Guam Department of Education announced.

According to GDOE, the quad area of the campus has been cordoned off and Guam Fire Department personnel conducted further examination.

Although a slight odor of sulfur was present within one of the campus buildings, after conducting air sampling and monitoring, GFD reported that no toxic or flammable environments were detected.

A female minor was treated at the scene for heat exposure-related symptoms and released to the school nurse for further observation.

GDOE assured that students are safe and instruction is taking place as usual.

A foul odor earlier this morning prompted officials to evacuate the school.

Guam Fire spokesman Kevin Reilly said Engine 9 and Medic 1 were dispatched to the school at 10:18 a.m. GFD’s HazMat unit also responded.

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries.

Students and faculty were evacuated as a safety precaution only, said Reilly.

AJMS administrative staffers have been advised to cordon off the area, ventilate the space over the weekend, and reassess conditions prior to class reconvening next week.