$1.9 trillion federal infrastructure fund can be used for Guam housing

(Fox News graphic)

Congressman Michael San Nicolas is working to get Guam a piece of the massive $1.9 trillion federal transport infrastructure fund that is being finalized by Congress and the Biden administration.

According to San Nicolas, this funding can be used not just for typical infrastructure projects like roads and bridges, but also housing.

“We are working very hard to identify funding that’s going to be committed to specifically the section 811 and section 210 programs under the Federal Housing and Urban Development portfolio. And so those programs, 811 and 210, will create the resources for our local government to be able to make major investments in housing for senior citizens, and housing for people with disabilities,” San Nicolas said during a news conference Monday.

The congressman said this funding is one way GovGuam can really bring down housing costs on the island by growing the existing housing inventory.

“The section 811 and section 210 programs have been on the books for many, many years but they haven’t received increased funding. And so this transportation infrastructure initiative is going to create a window for us to be able to secure new resources for Section 811 and Section 210. Those two sections are very underutilized currently by our Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority. But it’s going to be an opportunity when we secure additional resources for that,” San Nicolas said.

He added: “We’re looking forward to being able to increase the housing inventory, create more economic activity in construction and in the housing markets.”