1 confirmed fatality in Harmon residential fire


Guam – A residential fire this morning has resulted in the confirmed death of one man.

This morning’s seemingly harmless smoke sighting has tragically ended in the death of one adult man. At around 5 AM, Guam Fire Department emergency personnel were dispatched to a residential structure near the old Taico building at the Harmon Industrial Park, following a phone call about a smoke sighting in the area.

GFD Deputy Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas told Newstalk K57 listeners that firefighters suspected there was an occupant still in the home, but were only able to pull out his body once the blaze reached a sufficient temperature for the professionals to enter.

A preliminary investigation indicates that the two other occupants of the wood-and-tin structure have been accounted for. San Nicolas is withholding additional information until the investigation is complete, but he says no children were involved.

GFD has recruited the services of GPD’s Criminal Investigation Division. When the Pacific News Center arrived on scene this morning, our reporters managed to speak with Police Spokesperson Paul Tapao, who explained that CID’s involvement is part of standard operating procedure when a death ensues as a result of a fire.