10 bills passed by Legislature in latest session


Friday, the 36th Guam Legislature passed 10 bills.

Passed 9 to 3, Bill 213-36 grants the Guam Power Authority an exemption to the Clean Air Act by allowing them to build an emergency generator in Cabras.

Passed unanimously, Bill 123-36 requires a GovGuam employee to take a drug test upon resignation if they resigned after their agency announces a state-sponsored drug test.

Also passed unanimously, Bill 158-36 creates scholarship opportunities within the Guam Community College for students working toward a healthcare degree. The Bill aims to address healthcare shortages on the island.

Unanimously passed, Bill 169-36 updates the list of scheduled controlled substances under the Guam Uniform Controlled Substance Act.

Bill 224-36, also unanimously passed, requires insurance companies to evaluate their agency’s competency and knowledge when renewing that agents’s license.

Passed with an 11 to 1 vote, Bill 68-36 establishes a youth representative to i Kumision i Fino’ CHamoru.

Passed unanimously, Bill 41-36 allows qualified private contractors to conduct social studies and reports regarding adoption. The aim of the bill is to speed up the process of setting up infrastructure for child placement services in Guam, as there about 40 qualified foster families to 500 foster youth.

Achieving a similar aim, passed with a 9 to 3 vote, Bill 239-36 establishes a business license category for adoption services. To receive the license, a business would require endorsement from the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

Passed unanimously, Bill 236-36 strengthens requirements for government small purchases. It eliminates a “no quote” as a positive quote in achieving the necessary 3 quotes before a purchase.

And finally, also passed unanimously, Bill 247-36 transfers authority over the ABLE Savings Program from the Department of Revenue and Taxation to the Department of Administration, eliminating a conflict of interest. It also authorizes the Governor to transfer up to $250 thousand dollars from the General Fund to the program.

All bills are currently awaiting the Governor’s signature to pass into law.