VIDEO: Vandalism Takes Down Another Cop Car, Only 10 Patrol Vehicles on the Street Now


Guam – The Guam Police Department is now down to just 10 working patrol cars for the 4 precincts on island.


The latest casualty is a vehicle that had just been repaired and was slated to go back into service.

A vandal or vandals snuck into the DPW compound in Harmon and broke into a number of cars Wednesday night. The police cruiser was parked in an open garage,  within a lift.

Support Division Chief, Captain Paul Suba said someone apparently turned that lift on, causing one side of the vehicle to rise up about 5 feet off the floor, while the other side scrapped along the concrete floor.

Captain Suba says there are about 9 vehicles awaiting repair that may soon be back on the street but that still leaves the department short.

The Department needs, a minimum,  of  8 patrol cars in each precinct to keep the community safe, he said.  That’s a total of 32. But even if the 9 vehicles now under repairs are returned to service, that’ll  put 19 on the street, 13 short of the minimum.