10 memorial events held for Liberation Month

Wreaths were presented at the Manenggon Memorial during this year's ceremony. (PNC video capture)

Throughout the month of July, ceremonies were held across the island to commemorate key events that occurred during World War II.

Since July 5th, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio have held 10 memorial ceremonies.

Many ceremonies were held to remember those who died as a result of wartime atrocities at sites such as Manenggon and Fena Cave.

Other ceremonies commemorated U.S. forces such as the Asan landing where U.S. Marines stormed the beach to take the island from Japanese forces and the Marine Depot in Maite where many in the local community settled and found jobs after the war because their proximity to the Marines made them feel safe.

After opening remarks, wreaths were laid.

Wartime survivors were also present at the ceremonies — members of an ever-shrinking community of witnesses to perhaps the island’s most traumatic and defining moment of the 20th century.

After Liberation Day, one more site is scheduled to be commemorated.

There will be a blessing for the Chaguian Memorial on August 7th, with a Mass the next day.