$10 million in tax refunds in the mail

    (PNC file photo)

    Guam – $10 million in tax refund checks are being mailed out Monday and will be in the pockets of taxpayers this week.

    More than 2,700 families should be receiving their tax refunds. The governor says that the federal tax cuts made it difficult to achieve but “we prioritized tax refunds”. The governor says the raising of the business privilege tax by 1 percent and the 30 million in operational cost cutting will allow them to continue to pay tax refunds.

    The governor lauded Senator Joe San Augustin for introducing the bill that raised the BPT and he thanked Speaker B.J. Cruz, Senators Tom Ada, Wil Castro, Jim Espaldon, Fernando Estevez, Tommy Morrison and Louise Muna for voting in favor of the measure that “provided us the roadmap to fiscal stability.” This batch of refunds should cover most taxpayers who filed up to January 29.

    This payment is less than half the amount Senator Mike San Nicolas has said is needed by the end of April in order for him to report out the nomination of acting Department of Administration Director Edward Birn. During his confirmation hearing Senator San Nicolas said he would not move Birn’s confirmation forward until $25 million in tax refunds are paid.