10 Volunteers Aim to Perform 50 Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Procedures


In an effort to address Guam’s growing animal population, local organizations teamed up to offer low cost spay and neuter services for the community.

PNC’s Khyomara Santana has more on this story

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The program brings 10 volunteer vets from Taiwan’s National Chung-Hsing University and aims to perform 50 low-cost spay and neuter procedures, starting today to august 16th at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite Community Center.

The initiative took 2 years of planning and was a collaboration between the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), UOG, and GAIN, among other organizations, with the purpose of addressing the stray overpopulation problem on the Island.

Cyrus Luhr, Gain Board President said, “We’re starting to address the concerns of the public, we have a waiting list that is hundreds of people long, waiting for this type of service and this is the only way to solve a problem. We want to solve the stray dog problem on Guam, spaying and neutering is the only, the most effective way to do it”

Interested pet owners can fill out a form at snipclinicguam.com and pay a $50 dollar equipment fee in order to receive the service.

After the program ends, GAIN will continue to offer low cost spay and neuter services with the two veterinarians that are on Island.

Alison Hadley, Executive Director at GAIN  “So we have Dr. Mariana Turner, who is the new territorial veterinarian, she is providing some of our awesome services for us as well, and then Dr. Brenda Smith who is employed through GAIN. They will both continue to do surgeries 4 days a week once the Taiwan clinic ends, and that will all be happening up here at the GAIN shelter”

For anyone looking to adopt, volunteer or donate, the shelter is open 7 days a week.

Hadley added, “They can visit our website Guamanimals.com to take a look at which animals are available and we’re still looking for people to foster, volunteer, all that good stuff so they can just contact us on the phone 653-4246”

For monetary donations, you can visit their website or the GAIN shelter directly.

Hadley said,  “We also have a wishlist of items that we always need: cat litter, bleach, dog food, always in need of that. So, if somebody does have that and they want to drop it off they can just call us and let us know when they’ll be by”

For individuals that’d like to continue helping with the island’s stray dog problem, The Boonie Flight Project will hold The “Fast and Furriest 5K “fundraising event this Sunday morning at Ypao beach park.

Hornet Sports will have an all day registration for interested individuals tomorrow.


To set up an appointment for the spay and neuter program visit the link below: