$100K annual funding increase for UOG’s Sea Grant Program


Guam – A rising tide of $100,000 dollars in grant funding is what the University of Guam’s Sea Grant Program will now enjoy with an annual increase to their efforts of bringing the science of coastal resources to the region.


Program Director Dr. Austin Shelton celebrates the additional aid stating, “We look forward to growing our impact in Guam and throughout the Micronesia region.” Dr. Shelton continues, “The additional funds will allow our program to support research and education that improves the health of coastal ecosystems and promotes environmental literacy and workforce development.”

Through a network of over 3,000 scientists, engineers, public outreach experts, educators and students as well as being one of the 33 programs throughout the nation, UOG’s Sea Grant Program was awarded the $100,000 annual increase in funding this month. In Portland, Oregon, during Sea Grant Week 2018, various representatives from the University were in attendance, to accept the valued funding. UOG resident Dr. Thomas Krise adds “We are pleased the National Sea Grant College Program is increasing its incestment in the University of Guam and our community.” The Tritons’ newest maga’lahi continues, “UOG Sea Grant is an important program at UOG that brings science to our community and improves the management of our natural resources.”