VIDEO: 10th Annual Chef’s Cup Features “From Russia With Love”


Guam – The tenth annual Micronesian Chef’s Cup is underway at the Hyatt hotel in Tumon tonight.


 It’s an annual event put on by the University of Guam endowment foundation. Five executive chef’s from the Micronesian Chef’s Association will compete for the chef’s cup by cooking different parts of a five course Russian meal.

The theme of this year’s chef’s cup is from Russia with love. UOG endowment foundation Executive Director Mark Mendiola explains how this theme ties in well with the recent visa waiver given to Russian tourists who want to visit Guam.

“To kind of prepare for that being the university an educational opportunity arose and we’re using this as an educational opportunity for the business folks and industry leaders who are out there and are gonna be here this evening and so that was the real impetus behind us setting this stage for from Russia with love,” explained Mendiola.

Mendiola says that the Guam Visitors Bureau and some Russians who are now living on Guam have assisted with this year’s chef’s cup.