11 abandoned derelict vessels pose danger to Guam waters

Photo shows abandoned derelict vessels within Port Authority of Guam waters (GEPA photo)

There are 11 abandoned derelict vessels (ADVs) within the Guam port’s waters, posing both physical and chemical hazards to the island’s sensitive surrounding waters.

GovGuam and the feds have partnered up to mitigate and address this issue.

According to Jesse Cruz, Guam Environmental Protection Agency’s environmental monitoring and analytical services administrator, a group has already been formed called the Guam ADV Removal Group.

This group has been tasked with removing the 11 ADVs located within the Harbor of Refuge and along the Port Authority of Guam waters.

According to Cruz, the federal government will be providing up to $600,000 for hazardous material removal and disposal.

In addition, a Navy salvage team will salvage, demolish, and transport identified ADVs to the designated removal area. Once in the removal area, a U.S. EPA-designated contractor will remove the hazardous materials before final disposal at approved facilities.

“So the bulk of the heavy work is going to be done by the Navy salvage. And then, the US EPA contractor has to remove the hazardous waste, and the local companies locally, are gonna be responsible for getting all the permits as well as doing the site control and access,” Cruz said.

The project is expected to start by late May or in July 2021.