VIDEO: Transition Report Calls for Cap on FAS Immigration: “Guam Becoming a Third World Island”


Guam – The Transition Sub-Committee report on the “Community and Social Welfare” paints a bleak picture of social problems on Guam. It was released today [Tuesday] by the Calvo Administration. It is the last of the 11 Transition Sub-Committee reports.

In it, the Sub-Committee noted that “the substandard living conditions of many of Guam’s population lead to serious social and community problems.”

READ the “Community and Social Welfare” Sub-Committee Report HERE 



Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares Chaired the Sub-Committee along with Dr. Juan Rapadas who was Co-Chair.

“Poverty,” the report concludes has “led to unprecedentedly high rates of homelessness, crime, domestic violence and child abuse on Guam spanning all ethnicities.”

Among the other highlights of the report:

* “The Committee felt that Guam’s middle class is being severely challenged and many middle class families are slipping into the lower and lowest levels of economic despair.”

* “Guam is quickly becoming a mini-third world island where the gap between the haves and the have-nots is becoming larger and larger.”

* “All entitlement programs are already taxed beyond its capacity and cannot humanely and civilly provide services to all in need.”

* “People are no longer slipping through the cracks, they are falling into deep, gaping holes in the economy.”

* “The long term solution is for economic prosperity to touch all lives on Guam which can help ameliorate these problems which is reportedly forthcoming with the Guam/Military build-up.”


* “continue pushing the Federal government to give the compact-impact money due Guam ($400 million plus) so that the money can be put into the proper infrastructure.”

* “Need consul general(s) help in developing programs for proper adjustment and education of new immigrants.”

* “Use the military buildup as leverage to bargain for compact-impact monies.”

* “To help alleviate population pressures from the FSM immigrants, the new administration should encourage the Federal government to allow FSM citizens in the DODEA system and to use the Naval Hospital.”

* ” the new administration should work to start a Guam/Chuuk Charter school. We should partner with the Chuuk High School officials in Weno (main island) to develop a curriculum and formulate a viable high school degree for our FSM teens.”

* there should be a freeze in new immigartion to the U.S. and its territories from the FAS