VIDEO: 11th Annual Celebrity Chef’s Cup to be “Colorful”


Guam- The University of Guam Endowment Foundation and the Micronesian Chefs Association are teaming up again for the 11th Annual Celebrity Chef’s Cup.

A media conference was held today [Thursday] at the Outrigger Resort where MCA President Chef Peter Duenas revealed the theme of “colors” has been chosen for the event.

“All the different chefs or competitions have assigned colors,” said Duenas. “So their courses should reflect their colors in some sort of form or shape.”

He mentions they have a great chef lineup and members of the business community will also be participating. Duenas adds he is also one of the 5 judges for the competition.

Endowment Foundation Executive Director Mark Mendiola also tells PNC the event is nearly sold out, but they still have a handful of tickets left. He believes the colorful event will be a real treat for those who attend.

“Some of the stuff that they’re coming up with is pretty creative,” said Mendiola. “So it’s a 5 course sit down meal. 5 different colors, so it’s going to woo and wow the crowd because these guys are putting their best effort forward.”

Proceeds from the Chef’s Cup will go to the Endowment Foundation for the UOG Capital Campaign and the MCA for culinary scholarships. The event will be held on August 28 at the Sheraton Laguna Resort.