12 GDOE Schools Being Outfitted with Security Equipment


The first day of installment was on April 26.

Guam – Security equipment are currently being installed at about 12 public schools around the island.


Initially, the Guam Department of Education planned to get six schools outfitted with security equipment within 60 days, which meant it would have taken about a year to get security cameras up at all 35 schools. Because of procurement delays, their vendor G4S now has to double up on the number of schools per cycle. After more than two years since the Secure Our Schools Act passed, the $800-thousand contract was finally awarded to G4S in February, when they were also expected to begin installing security equipment at the schools and get the first phase done by April. However, issues involving permitting and waiting for the equipment to arrive delayed the process. G4S started installing security equipment, ranging from intrusion alarms to security cameras, on April 26. Even with the delays, there is still a requirement in the contract to complete the work by February of 2017.

Anderson says, “They’re having to double up. So we’re hoping that they’ll be able to complete 12 schools within the next cycle due in about 35 to 40 days for now.”
The $800-thousand dollar project includes installment, monitoring services and two-year maintenance.