12 Member GUARNG Team Gets Alert & Mobilization Order for Afghanistan


Guam – The Guam Army National Guard (GUARNG) received an alert and mobilization order SATURDAY for a team of Soldiers to deploy to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The combined orders for the GUARNG Security Force Advisory Team (SFAT) puts it on a more immediate track toward deployment. 

The SFAT is a 12-person team, which will be part of a group of 20 teams from the 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) of the Hawaii Army National Guard.

“This team of Soldiers are expected to deploy within a very short period. I am certain they will be ready and geared up by the time they have to leave.  Many of the Soldiers in this team, including its leaders, have previously deployed into combat. That gives me the confidence that this team will be prepared for their special mission,” said Major General Benny M. Paulino, The Adjutant General for the Guam National Guard.

“This is the second alert order we have received within a week. Now, more than ever, we seek the continued support of our community and our employers. But I also want to thank them for the tremendous support they have already given us over the years,” he added.

The SFAT is expected to leave for mobilization training sometime in the summer.

Earlier this year, a notice of sourcing was issued for the 29th IBCT to mobilize 20 teams to work as Security Force Advisory Teams (SFAT), including one from Guam.

The Guam SFAT is expected to work with the Afghan National Civil Order Police. The addition of the SFAT team brings the total number of GUARNG Soldiers to be mobilized in support of OEF over this next 12 months, to over 600 Soldiers from Guam and the CNMI.

Earlier this week, an alert order was issued for the 1-294th Infantry Regiment and the F Company, to prepare for mobilization and eventual deployment to Afghanistan. They are expected to depart for their mobilization training sometime early next year.

The anticipated activation of the 1-294th IN RGT can be considered as the largest group of reserve component troops to be mobilized and deployed from Guam.