$12 million in EIP, tax refund checks remain unclaimed

(PNC file photo)

Department of Administration director Edward Birn has shed light on the missing EIP and tax refund checks.

As the PUA end date draws near, some citizens of Guam are still waiting on their EIP (more commonly known as stimulus checks) and tax refunds.

Reports of people not receiving their stimulus or tax refunds checks are circulating. Birn said that this is a common problem for individuals who opted to receive paper checks rather than direct deposit.

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As of this moment, there are around 3000 tax refund checks ready but there is about $12 million worth of tax refund and EIP checks that remain uncollected.

Individuals who did not receive their stimulus or tax refund checks are encouraged to check their last mailing address or to check Rev and Tax to ensure that their file went through.

“Generally it’s because checks don’t get delivered to the address the taxpayer puts on their tax return, and maybe the reason for that is they may have moved. Many Taxpayers have a communal mailbox, so maybe the mail gets lost. It may just be that it gets misdelivered,” Birn said during DOA’s budget hearing.

Birn said people can pick up their stimulus checks at the ITC Building and you can see the list of unclaimed checks on the DOA website.