Governor Signs Off on $12 Million Loan for GMH


Guam – The $12 million dollar loan for Guam Memorial Hospital has finally been approved.

Authorized by emergency legislation in December, the loan terms went through an extensive review by the Guam Attorney General which signed off on it last week.

Governor Eddie Calvo approved the loan terms Monday.

In a release, the Governor is quoted as saying: “To say this money is overdue is a big understatement. With this loan, our children and manamko’ can have the medicines and medical supplies they need.”

Governor Calvo broke the news to GMH employees late Monday afternoon during his visit to the hospital as part of his ongoing tours to all government departments and agencies.

GMH Administrator Peter John Camacho is quoted as saying  “The funds from this loan will be used immediately to pay our critical vendors to ensure a steady supply of medications and supplies for our patients. We appreciate the longstanding relationship we have with our vendors and we thank them for standing by us.”