127 high school seniors graduate for “Rainbow Graduation”


Guam – For most public school students summer officially began in early June, but for some, it’s only just beginning. This includes high school seniors who just finished out summer school to be able to graduate.

Last Friday, the Guam Department of Education celebrated the Rainbow Graduation of 127 seniors who needed to earn a half credit or full credit to close out their senior year. The celebration was held at Okkodo High School and included students from all seven public high schools.

“There’s something very special about the rainbow graduation. Even though it takes place in the summer everyone else is on summer vacation, our students here today worked extra hard. They took the extra steps, they stayed dedicated and committed to getting that one goal that we have for all of our students here in the Guam Department of Education to get that diploma,” said Superintendent Jon Fernandez.

“To quote a famous, wise philosopher, ‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here,'” Fernandez said to a cheering crowd. “Let me just say to all of you, it doesn’t matter to us where you started, it doesn’t matter to where you started. Each of you had your own situation, your own challenges, your own home situations. Some of the struggles that you have to overcome, each of you have your own different types of obstacles to overcome but the important part is now you’re here.”

The summer school program is 100 percent federally funded through a U.S. DOE consolidated grant.