13 hospitalized for COVID-19; 4 in ICU care; military ready to help out

Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

Guam’s hospitalization numbers are also rising in the face of increasing COVID-cases.

Guam Memorial Hospital Administrator, Lillian Perez-Posadas, told PNC News there are 13 currently hospitalized battling COVID-19.

Four of those are in the Care 2 ward, which has 5 beds total, for ICU level care dedicated to COVID-needs. One of the intensive care patients is still the 30-something year-old man who’s been on a ventilator for over 3 weeks now. There are separate ICU beds at the hospital for non-COVID related needs. One of the 4 cases is a Progressive Care Unit patient, which is less critical than ICU but still needs close and direct monitoring and supervision by health professionals.

In Care 3, 9 beds are in use by patients out of the 17 available there.

Perez-Posadas said the hospitalizations are continuing to rise and she asks everyone to heed to Governor’s advice of staying home and avoiding social contact.

With the flu season coming up, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said she is worried about the number of hospital beds on island because Guam has a limited number of beds for COVID-19 and a limited number of beds for other medical cases.

She said Admiral John Menoni has informed her that Joint Region Marianas can help out if GovGuam runs out of hospital beds.

Menoni told K-57’s Patti Arroyo on Friday that the equipment used for the two tent hospitals put up at Naval Hospital and at South Finegayen are still on island.

“So we have plans in place that should we see an explosion locally that requires more hospitalizations and our local medical facilities get stressed, I can build essentially another hospital down at Santa Rita and then fly in medical providers as needed. And, there are people on hand prepared to deploy to support that, should GovGuam ask or should we need that,” Menoni said.



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