Emergency Declared, Bill Permitting Use of $33M in Reserve to Pay Refunds Moved to Voting File Without a Public Hearing


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz this afternoon introduced legislation to allow the $33-million dollars set aside to pay 2012 refunds to be used to pay the un-paid 2011 refunds instead.

An emergency declaration is necessary to allow Bill 470 to be considered during this legislative session without a public hearing.

Senator Guthertz requested that emergency declaration and Speaker Won Pat certified it Friday afternoon allowing the measure to be placed on the current agenda and it was immediately moved into the voting file.

READ Bill # 470 HERE

Bill 470 was introduced with 13 of 14 Senators signing on as co-sponsors. Senator Judi Won-Pat did not sign on and Senator Ben Pangelinan is off-island.

READ Senator Guthertz’ letter to Speaker Won Pat requesting the emergency declaration HERE

Governor Calvo yesterday proposed freeing up the reserve funds, and Senator Guthertz immediately said she would introduce a bill to allow that.