13 students expelled due to school riots

The Guam Department of Education stated that alcohol appears to have played a role in the two recent riots at public high schools.

Thirteen students have so far been expelled because of their participation in the recent public school riots.

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According to Guam Department of Education public information officer Isa Baza, the students involved in the JFK and Tiyan High riots were disciplined in accordance with GDOE rules and regulations.

These include suspension and/or a disciplinary action counsel hearing, Baza said.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez has been encouraging school administrators to use their authority to deliver the appropriate disciplinary consequences.

“We need to be clear that acts of violence should not be tolerated in our school communities. When it comes to violence, I will support our administrators’ decisions, especially when they recommend expulsion,” the superintendent said.

Recommendations for expulsion must go through a Disciplinary Advisory Committee (DAC) comprised of teachers, students, administrators, and a central office representative.

The DAC will make a recommendation regarding final disciplinary action and present it to the superintendent for approval. Parents and guardians may appeal an expulsion to the superintendent.

“We want our kids to be safe and to say no to violence or substances that may lead to violence in our schools. We thank the Guam Police Department for their continued support in responding quickly to these types of incidents, and we need the continued support of our community partners to keep our schools safe,” Fernandez said.