13 test positive for COVID-19; three hospitalized


Guam added another 13 cases of COVID-19 on Saturday.

The Department of Public Health and Social Services says it tested 371 samples at their lab and two tested positive there.

Another 11 were confirmed by the DLS Lab and all of those people reported contact with previously confirmed COVID cases.

The Joint Information Center also confirmed that after weeks without any hospitalized residents on Guam, three people are now being treated at island hospitals for COVID-19.

Two of the patients are at Guam Memorial Hospital and one is checked in at the Naval Hospital, according to Krystal Paco-San Agustin, the governor’s press secretary.

Lillian Perez Posadas, the GMH administrator says, the two hospitalized at GMH are in stable condition.

“Well, the one individual tested positive prior to coming to the hospital. We just confirmed it upon the entrance into the hospital. We did another test and it was positive, both the Abott and the PCR. The other individual, when he was brought in, that’s when he was tested and the initial test came out to be positive. The repeat, however, was negative. But we’re still on the side of caution. Today, they repeated the PCR test so we’re waiting for the results from Public Health,” Posadas said.

One patient is a woman in her 70s while the second is a male in his 30s. According to Posadas, both have pre-existing and underlying medical conditions.

Both of them are in isolation at the hospital.

Posadas says at the height of the pandemic GMH was seeing around 24-26 patients checked in for COVID-19 treatment, essentially maxing out their capacity.

As part of the community testing efforts, GMH is helping to confirm active cases as well.

“Whenever anybody comes into the hospital seeking medical attention, medical treatment, we test them for COVID. However, if they don’t want to be tested, we respect that and we just document that they refused. But it’s a way for us to at least screen, so we have an idea … in 30 minutes we know this individual is negative and therefore does not need to be admitted to an isolation room. Or, this individual is positive therefore we need to really make sure they are isolated,” Posadas said.

Not everyone who tests positive at GMH will have to stay there. They can go home and isolate if the conditions are right.

With the 13 new cases from Saturday, Guam has so far confirmed 301 cases since mid-March and 117 of those are considered active cases.


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