$100K in invoices validated with little to show for


Guam – According to recent correspondence by the Superintendent of Education’s office with the Director of Administration, Superintendent Jon Fernandez validated $100 thousand of invoices for the Science is Fun and Awesome Learning Academy and Charter School. With the school year not even half-way over, the embattled middle school had numerous issues with to its educational facility. Yet 100 thousand dollars, was validated not for books, supplies or teachers, but for the landlord of the troubled school.

However, it appears SIFA had no habitable campus as a $100,000 invoice to a landlord would sugest. SIFA confirmed with PNC in late October that the school’s facilities were not ready and accommodations had to be made to handle the students that were currently enrolled at the Charter School.

With no place to call home, the school took a nomadic approach to education, briefly using the facility of the iLearn Academy Charter School. A parent also confirmed that their child was temporarily attending classes at the Pacific Star Hotel.This is because the school faced hardships getting the school year started as JE Construction, now a defunct construction company failed to pay its employees. In addition to that, the facility lacked building and occupancy permits, bringing the completion of the school’s construction to a temporary halt.

And apparently, the temporary accommodations came at no cost to the school. SIFA tells PNC “Regarding the money spent for this alternative, SIFA has not yet received any funding from the government. Out of the generosity of Eagle Land Holdings, LLC, they were willing to pay for the expenses without reimbursement from SIFA. With this, taxpayers money was not spent for this matter.”So what was the $100,000 for? In the correspondence from DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez, to DOA Director Ed Birn, DOE’s internal audit office validated a $100k invoice for Eagle Land LLC, a Real Estate development firm.

A closer look at the articles of Organization for Eagle Land LLC and the Articles of Incorporation for SIFA as a non-profit, it appears as though a conflict of interest may be present. Certain individuals who are tasked to put students first as they filed for a non-profit, are also running a profitable business and benefiting from the school.

Documents indicate that the same people who run the school are also listed as board members of the school’s landlord Eagle Land LLC. Florita Santos, of Quezon City Philippines, is listed as an Initial Manager of Eagle Land while also being listed as the Initial Incorporator of SIFA.Ronald Ravella, who at one point identified himself as a consultant to SIFA, now claims he is only affiliated with Eagle Land LLC. Documents show he is listed as an initial manager for Eagle Land LLC.

Lastly, a LinkedIn page of a Charles Isaac Deita lists him as a Chief Operating Officer of SIFA and also Senior Vice President of Operations of Eagle Land LLC. PNC confirmed with SIFA that Deita is the school’s COO. A little digging online also shows that SIFA has solicited H1B visas for four school administrators as well as four teachers.

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