4 acres of land identified for CQA



Guam – Boat loads of cargo pass through Guam daily which continues to highlight the island’s need for a border beef up and the new administration is on board.

Guam’s Customs and Quarantine Agency is one step closer to having a secured and sterile facility that they can call home, efficiently located just outside the Port of Guam.

A collaborative effort between Adelup, the Port Authority of Guam, Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency, Guam Homeland Security and the U.S. Coastguard has resulted in the confirmation of the 4 acres of land authorized by the legislature only a couple of years ago.

Located around the general area of the Port’s Weight Station, newly appointed CQA Director Ike Peredo celebrates the progress calling the location adequate and ideal for Custom’s needs, “I am grateful today to announce that this particular facility and the location is very adequate to meet our needs especially with customs because it’s located at the tail end of the port facility. It’s right next to the weight station which is very ideal for custom’s purposes.”

A wish list for facility features was shared by Peredo, “My understanding is that this facility will also include bio-security section, we’ll also have, part of the facility will also the coast guard to be a part of us and to include the drug detector dog units that are gonna be operating at the port so we will beef up our security at the port and even at this point in time we are looking about increasing our manpower at the port as it relates to this particular facility.”


And although a blueprint has yet to be formulated and finalized, several funding source options have been identified, one of which is a loan from the USDA, according to CQA’s Peredo. 

Meanwhile, Governor Leon Guerrero has reassured the community that the goal would be for GovGuam to spend the least amount of money necessary to construct a facility, vital to our border security. The construction of a facility and a place of their own, would mean that Customs would no longer be held hostage to the costs of rent. 

The announcement of land identified for the construction for a new home for customs at the port, is only the first step in coming up with a comprehensive plan that suits the security needs of our island.