15% decrease in power rates come June

Simon Sanchez. PNC file photo

Come this summer, island residents can expect lower rates for power.

Guam Power Authority ratepayers might see a 15% decrease in the total of their energy bill as soon as early June.

GPA Ratepayers might benefit from a lower power bill said Simon Sanchez, a commissioner of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities during an interview with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

Effective June 1, 2023, the energy rates will decrease, resulting in about 15% savings on each power bill.

For example, if an individual’s power bill used to be $200 dollars, they will see a decrease of about $30 dollars. For a $500 dollar power bill, the ratepayer would see $75 dollars in savings.

The power rates were set to be adjusted in August of this year, but according to Sanchez, analysis numbers came back faster than expected.

Sanchez added it is up to the 37th Guam Legislature to decide if they still want to extend the Energy Credit Program. Although rates are set to go down, he said ratepayers could still benefit from energy credits.