15 Million Appropriated for the GMH Labor and Delivery Ward Renovation

There are only 3 COVID-related hospitalizations at GMH. (PNC file photo).

In legislative news….During the ongoing dissolution of the Budget bill…lawmakers gave an amendment to fund for a labor and delivery ward for the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Reporting on this story PNC’s Damen Michael gives us a breakdown of the funds

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Through a unanimous vote, the motion to accept the amendment for appropriating a total of $15M was approved. 

Senator Nelson says that the additional funding satisfies possible increases in project costs for the renovation. 

Last week lawmakers including GMHA hospital officials discussed other priorities that are plaguing the facility. 

Administrator Lillian Perez Posadas brought up concerns revolving around the facility’s electrical panel and its critical role if it weren’t replaced. 

Furthermore, Speaker Therese Terlaje and Senator Telo Taitague sponsored an amendment that would give GMH flexibility to use the proposed funding for other capital improvement projects. 

Therese Terlaje, Speaker, 36th Guam Legislature said, “We would like babies coming into this world to come into an ideal environment, and the more we can improve the conditions for mothers and babies, I think better for our entire community. ” She added, But again, I do think we should acknowledge the critical, critical, urgent needs of the hospital as well. So I believe this is a win-win situation if we can allow them that flexibility.

Senator Moylan objected to the proposed amendment referenced the funding would come from the audited fiscal year 2022 fund which won’t happen until the summer of next year. He added that if this improvement is important why does the office of the governor not use ARP funds to satisfy the costs? 

The amendment ultimately passed

Reporting for the Pacific News Center 

I’m Damen Michael