VIDEO: More Than 150 Spoiled Pancit Meals Delivered to 4 Senior Centers; No One Sickened


Guam- The Mayors Council has discovered Public Health food vendor SH Enterprises has delivered spoiled meals to 4 of the island’s senior centers.

The Mayors report finding 70 spoiled meals in Agat, 52 in Sinajana, 21 in Agana Heights and 13 in Santa Rita.

No seniors ate the food, and no one became sick

Sinajana Mayor Roke Blas says thanks to the quick thinking of his staff, none of their seniors consumed the meal, which was spoiled pancit.

Sinajana Municipal Clerk Rudy Iriarte says he was told the pancit was prepared at 6 a.m. this morning. He believes the noodles spoiled because it was packaged too early.

Several of the man’amko tell PNC this is the first time, to their knowledge, that SH Enterprises delivered spoiled food.

In meantime, the mayors bought replacement meals for the seniors while Public Health & SH assess the situation. SH also prepared and delivered another replacement meal after the mayors reported the bad food.

The Mayors Council is temporarily taking over management duties of the senior centers after public health’s contract with GGARP/SPIMA expired last month. The mayors are leveraging their resources to help the centers, which now operate at a reduced budget of $60 thousand a month.