155 cases of coronavirus on USS Theodore Roosevelt


(FOX News) – There are now 155 cases of coronavirus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  None of them have been hospitalized.

The ship is now in port on Guam where more than 1,500 sailors have been evacuated.

As of Saturday, 44% of the USS Theodore Roosevelt crew had been tested for COVID-19.

Crew members who have tested positive remain on Naval Base Guam in isolation.

Crew members who have tested negative have been placed in hotels on Guam outside the naval base. They are confined to their hotel rooms under quarantine for the next two weeks.

The U.S. aircraft carrier is at the center of controversy after it’s commander was fired for sounding the alarm on coronavirus cases.

Earlier this week, Captain Brett Crozier wrote a memo warning the Navy that action was needed to save lives on board.  He was relieved of command for going outside the chain of command.