Big Marlin Wins Big


Guam- The Fishing Derby brought in fishermen from the CNMI, Japan, Taiwan and Korea and are usual participants in the derby. 74 boats including chartered boats filled with Japanese hopefuls officially took to the seas on Saturday and tried to land the best catches in the two day event.

Five categories of fish were judged with the weight of the fish being the determining factor. So the bigger the fish, the better. The categories included Marlin, Yellowfin tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and bonita. The Mahi category almost took a dive but in the last moments it was reported that one mahi had been caught.

The winner of the day was the boat Split Decision. Captain Hoa Nguyen landed a 332.5 pound Marlin and the biggest one in that category. Other winners include Nanmadol in the yellowfin category with a 14.3 pounder. Sea helen won the mahi category and caught the only one at 20.6 pounds. Antrinette landed a 30.3 pound Wahoo to win that category and Brae won the Bonita category with a 15.5 pound fish. The Next fishing event is a spearfishing competition that is organized by the Marianas Underwater Fishing Federation.