16 Year Old Accused of Being Gunman in Mermaid, Ebenezer and Club High 57 Armed Robberies


Guam – The Guam Police Department has arrested a 16-year-old teenage boy for his alleged involvement in the armed robberies of the Mermaid Tavern in Hagatna, the Ebenezer Store in Yona and the Club High 57 in Maite.

According to a release from Police PIO Officer A.J. Balajadia, Juvenile Investigation Agents detained the boy and brought him to the Department of Youth Affairs where he is now confined.

Balajadia says that the 16-year-old teen was reportedly “the stick up man”  for all 3 armed robberies.

Last week, GPD’s Armed Robbery Task Force Arrested Derek James Santos for his involvement in the robberies of Mermaids Tavern and the Ebeneezer Store.

Santos was magistrated Saturday and according to the magistrated complaint, Santos admitted that he was the driver in the Mermaid Tavern and Ebenzer Store robberies.

3 Armed Robberies Linked to 1 Gunman:

1. 10 June 2011 Robbery Mermaid Tavern, Haganta
Male suspect armed with a silver handgun.  Parking lot confrontation.

2. 12 June 2011 Robbery Ebeneezer Store, Yona
Male suspect armed with Luger style silver handgun.  Parking lot confrontation.

3. 16 June 2011, Club High 57 in Maite.
Male suspect armed with a silver colored handgun.

16 Year Old’s Guardians Also Arrested:

The 16-year-old’s “guardians,”  who previously gave an alibi for the teen, were also arrested.

Josephine Fernandez Aguero CASTRO,F/Guam/33/Chalan Pago for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, Guilt Established by Complicity, Hindering Apprehension, and Unsworn Falsification.

Eddie Gumataotao CASTRO,M/Guam/39/Chalan Pago for 4 Counts Hindering Apprehension, 2 Counts Jurisdiction Over Adult, 2 Counts Theft by Receiving, 2 Counts Solicitation, and Child Abuse.

Both “guardians” were booked and confined.

Meanwhile, detectives from the Robbery Task Force continued in their investigation into recent Armed Robberies on Guam