Sick crew members aboard cargo ship declared free of coronavirus

Photo: PNC's Allan Balbin

Two sick crew members aboard a Singapore cargo ship docked on Guam were assessed by a public health medical surveillance team yesterday which concluded that they were not infected by the novel coronavirus.

In a statement to the Pacific News Center this morning, Port General Manager Rory Respicio said the Coast Guard issued a Captain of the Port order when the Kota Harum arrived on Guam yesterday, restricting the two sick crew members from leaving the vessel and confining them to their quarters.

Guam Public Health medical professionals then boarded the vessel and the two crew members were examined and declared free of the virus, he said.

The ship had recently docked in Taiwan before coming to Guam according to the website.

The assessment by the Guam Medical Surveillance Team is the latest sign of Guam Public Health’s efforts to prevent the spread of the virus to Guam.

It came on the heels of a scare on Tuesday evening when a man sought care at the American Medical Center for a cough. He was referred to Guam Public Health for an evaluation which declared that he was not infected by the virus.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, public health officials again declared that there are no confirmed or suspected cases of the coronavirus on Guam and they are making every effort to ensure it stays that way.