1,750 GDOE students have still not reported for school


The Legislature held a virtual information Monday morning on the Guam Department of Education. During the meeting, school officials talked about students who remain unaccounted for since the school year started.

Since the summer, GDOE has been searching for students who had not registered for any of the models of home learning for school year 20-21.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez states that even with the continuous efforts from staff, teachers, social workers and more, there are still a great number of students that they were unable to reach.

“Our employees were able to work with a number of schools to bring the number of missing students down by about 1100 students, leaving approximately 1,750 still to be contacted. Of these remaining students, we have about 786 of them who are students for whom their contact information is no longer working. So again, we were able to reach 1,100 already. An additional 786 are calls and contacts that have been attempted but there hasn’t been a response. These are the students who are likely to require home visits but we’re able to do right now during PCOR1,” Fernandez said.

The schools with the most number of missing students are as follows:

= For Elementary:  J.M. Guerrero 66, J.Q. San Miguel 59, Price 53, Adacao 28, and Finegayan 22.

= For middle school: Vicente Benavente 96, Jose Rios 76, FB Leon Guerrero 70, and Agueda 63.

= For high school: Sanchez 458, Southern 148, and GW 141.

Of all, Simon Sanchez has the most with a total of 458 students still unaccounted for.

The remaining students are still in the process of receiving initial outreach by GDOE’s social workers and student attendance officer teams.

The Mayors Council of Guam has also offered their assistance in locating the missing students and will be partnering up with GDOE to determine whether they can assist with updated information.