18 School Buses Pass Safety Inspection; 9 Out of Service Awaiting Parts


Guam – On the second day of school bus inspections ordered by the Attorney General’s office, another 5  buses were checked out Thursday.

Of those 5 buses, one failed the inspection, the rest passed. In all 19 buses have been inspected over the past 2 days, and only 1 failed inspection.

“Genos and Anthony’s”  Safety Inspector Anthony Tamayo tells PNC News that he wants to assure the public that all the buses he approved are safe for school children to ride in.

However,  Tamayo also said another 9 school buses never made it to inspection.

They have been sidelined as inoperable because they lacked parts. Tamayo said those 9 buses will remain at the Dededo bus depot waiting for special orders such as batteries, breaks, alternators and radiators.