Quarantine to be lifted for some tourists July 1; limited dine-in service resumes Friday

Gov Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero this afternoon announced the lifting additional restrictions   allowing for limited dine-in services to resume on Friday and she announced the conditional reopening of Guam to tourists from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan effective July 1.

READ the Governor’s remarks at the start of her news conference in FULL below:

As of today, we have 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 5 deaths, 143 released from isolation, and 22 active cases. Last night’s newly confirmed cases have been identified as close contacts of previous COVID-19 cases. This means transmission is not as widespread as it was earlier in the pandemic and contact tracing is working to identify these cases.

As I have said before, reopening Guam won’t be like flipping a light switch—it will be like watching the sun rise. It will be slower than any of us wants, it will be measured, and it will be  careful. Every decision made is based on the data we have and our ability to manage the threat of COVID-19. After meeting with the Physicians Advisory Group and economy advisory group, I am announcing further relaxation of restrictions during PCOR 2 and the conditional reopening of Guam’s tourism markets from South Korea, Japan, and Korea effective July 1.


Additional businesses that can operate under PCOR 2:

Effective Friday, May 29 at 8:00 a.m. the following establishments are permitted to operate:

Dine-in restaurants (with the exception of food courts, bars, and taverns) in accordance with the Minimum Requirements for Dine-In Restaurants memo issued by Public Health

Dine-in restaurants may operate at no more than the percent of occupancy rate as identified in current or future Executive Orders.

Current executive order states occupancy rate of 50% or less.

Places of worship at no more than the percent of occupancy rate as identified in current or future Executive Orders and face coverings required to be worn at all times.

While we understand the role worship plays in many of our lives, we ask vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with comorbidities and/or are immunocompromised to stay home and/or take extra precautions.

Non-profit organizations

Private physical activities/exercise

This does not include gyms.

Pending an executive order, Public parks and beaches will open; however, people still must follow the social gathering mandate as prescribed in Executive Order 2020-14.

Social gatherings of up to 25 people will be allowed.


Tourism industry has taken one of the biggest hits because of COVID-19, not just on Guam but throughout the world.

Tourism represents 60% of our island’s economy and one-third of private sector jobs are directly or indirectly related to tourism.

Pending an executive order, I will be conditionally relaxing restrictions of entry into Guam.

Tourism markets will open for South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan effective July 1.

These represent low-risk countries.

Japan removed their health emergency earlier this week. South Korea has been able to contain further transmission, and Korean Airlines will begin flights in June and has . Taiwan has led one of the best responses to COVID-19.

Mandatory quarantine will still remain for high-risk countries, such as the Philippines.

Continued Efforts/Potential Spike

If at any point we see continued increase in the number of cases, I will not hesitate to reimplement social isolation measures. I will not jeopardize human life or risk an even longer period of recovery.

Public Health continues their expanded targeted testing. Testing is currently ongoing for the homeless population, and we’ve tested vulnerable groups like the elderly and those living in public housing.

We encourage anybody who displays potential symptoms of COVID-19 to see their health care provider. Public Health can only test the samples they receive.