GRMC: Masks with valves are not an approved protective face covering


Guam Regional Medical City has revised its “no mask, no entry” policy.

A mask is still required to enter GRMC, however, effective immediately, “valved masks” will not be acceptable.

GRMC complies with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for masks, which recommends medical grade surgical masks, cloth masks, and/or cloth coverings for the public.

GRMC will not accept masks with valves as they are a non-compliant mask with a one-way valve that allows exhaled breath to pass through the filter disk on the front of the mask.

These masks are designed to make it easier to breath and decrease humidity for the wearer – they do not block transmission of COVID-19 because they allow exhaled air and droplets to escape.

Masks with valves are designed for the construction industry to prevent workers from breathing in dust and other small particles. They do not protect from exhalations or droplet spray which is required to protect others.

GRMC greatly appreciates the understanding of the community as we work together to limit the exposure of COVID-19. ###