PIC Road Runner: Benito


Guam- Marie Calvo-Benito, an elementary school teacher in Guam’s Public School System, has been a runner since her high school day. She was a member of the Academy of Our Lady of Guam Running Club with Mr. Fred R. Schumann as the club’s advisor.

“The P.I.C. has done a wonderful job for providing for one of my favorite hobbies and also providing the community an avenue for living a healthy lifestyle and they do it so well,” said Benito about the International Road Race.

Benito continued running after high school and has blossomed to be a competitive athlete in Guam’s road races and on the track. She is a multi-medalist in a number of South Pacific Games and Micronesian Games, and competed for Guam’s Olympic team in the marathon in Atlanta in 1996.

She is now 41 and continues to train and compete while she keeps busy with her teaching profession and volunteer activities. She is the mother of three girls and one boy. When she is not running, Marie can be found swimming or hiking on Guam’s many trails.


Information from a press release.