VIDEO: 1st Guam Environmental Youth Conference Focuses On Water Resources & Team Building


Guam- More than 40 high school students from Guam’s public and private schools attended the 1st Guam Environmental Youth Conference today [Tuesday] at the University of Guam (UOG).


The conference was put together by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Sea Grant and UnderWater World as part of the Earth Day 2012 activities. A good component of the event was dedicated towards a variety of team building exercises. Education and Outreach Manager Elaina Todd says because these students will be representing the young adult population in a couple years, they need to learn to work together to learn more about Guam’s water resources and how they can protect it.

“We’re going through several activities to teach them how resource managers actually decide, what are we going to do about it?” said Todd. “So what are the threats? What resources do we have to address those threats? How do you we do it? So by the end of this, each school that is represented will have a plan of action. they’re going to go back to their school and work on actually doing a project and bringing it back to the bigger school population and facilitating some type of project that’s going to benefit Guam’s water resources.”

The conference was held at the UOG School of Business and Administration. It ended at 2 p.m..