1st Mission For Operation Christmas Drop 2010 Kicks Off


Guam- The first of many cargo boxes for about 57 islands in Micronesia floated down from the sky as the 58th annual Operation Christmas Drop finally took off.

A ceremony was held earlier today at Andersen Air Force base where officials revealed over $96 thousand dollars worth of supplies was donated, while another $20 thousand dollars in cash was also raised. About 60 boxes were filled over the weekend with food, clothing, fishing supplies and other goods for islands that have populations as few as 35 residents or as much as 200 people. 36th Wing Vice Commander Colonel Tod Fingal says these are items that people need.

“Inside these containers are not what the children of these small islands or the men and women of these small island want for Christmas” said Fingal. “What resides within these containers is what those folks need for Christmas…and that’s a distinct difference. And that’s what we’re doing today.”

Operation Christmas Drop will have several missions this entire week. State-of-the-art parachutes that are being used on the boxes are also funded by the Tokyo Rotary Club.