2.7 Million Dollars Grants New Jobs for Guam


Typhoon Dolphin recovery efforts are granted funds that will hire temporary workers for repair and clean up.    

The Governor’s office released that a  $2.7 million dollar emergency grant will now fund over 200 temporary jobs on Guam. 


The aftermath of Typhoon Dolphin left public parks and roadways scattered with debris. As a result, damages to Guam’s roads, bridges, public facilities, and Guam’s power and water systems will require repair.  The Department of Labor was awarded a National Emergency Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor which will create about 220 temporary jobs for eligible job seekers to assist with clean up and recovery efforts after Typhoon Dolphin.


The $2,772,641 will be used primarily, to provide temporary employment on projects to assist with the clean up, demolition, repair, renovation, and reconstruction of destroyed public structures, facilities, land, and vegetation within affected communities.

The grant aims to assist people who have been temporarily or permanently laid off as a consequence of the disaster; or Long-term unemployed workers. 

The Governor stated that while this funding is for temporary jobs, it could open the door to other job opportunities and he encourages anyone who lost their job because of Typhoon Dolphin to call the Guam Department of Labor.


For more information about the National Emergency Grant and temporary jobs, call Ray Chaco at (671) 300-4626.