2 additional firefighters test positive for COVID-19

Guam Fire Department (PNC file photo)

Last week, two Guam Fire Department firefighters tested positive for COVID-19. One firefighter is assigned to the Incident Command Post, and one is assigned to the Umatac Fire Station.

Through contact tracing, both members were determined to have contracted the virus from close family members within their household.

Following the Guam Fire Department wellness policy, in accordance with DPHSS guidance, members with confirmed COVID-19 are self-isolated to prohibit the spread of the virus to coworkers and the community.

Normal operations will continue, with adjustments made in scheduling for the personnel assigned to that particular station as well as the ICP.

“Our mission remains the same and emergency services to the community will not be hampered,” stated Chief Daniel Stone. “Personnel will continue to follow GFD protocols for reducing exposure and keeping our members and the public safe,” Chief Stone added.

Decontamination was performed at both locations and testing of firefighters assigned to the Umatac Fire Station was conducted, with no other personnel coming back positive; a testament to the effectiveness of adherence to strict GFD guidelines implemented to combat COVID-19.

Personnel at the ICP are expected to be tested tomorrow and results should be available in the next few days. In the meantime, cohort quarantine procedures will be implemented, as per Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) guidelines.