2 Guam pageant winners not allowed to travel to Texas contest

Two Guam pageant winners were not allowed to travel to the national version of their pageant set to be held this weekend.

Two Guam pageant winners were not allowed to travel to the Miss Plus World Pageant set to be held Aug. 9.

Franckie Isezaki and Andrea Cruz, who were set to represent Guam in the Miss Plus World Pageant, were not able to travel in time to Texas where the contest will be held this weekend because their flight tickets were canceled.

Former senatorial candidate and women’s advocate Jenei Aguon, who has taken up the cudgels for the two girls, said there have been issues with the pageant director and Andrea Cruz’s luggage already left Guam and is currently in Houston, Texas.

“She’s trying to retrieve them since she doesn’t think the pageant owner will fulfill the promise of flying them off-island,” Aguon said.

As of Tuesday, Aguon said both Andrea and Frankie were still on Guam as the pageant production has apparently canceled their flight to Texas.

Aguon said the contestant coordinator’s flight was also canceled a couple of days ago.

Juleen Isezaki, Franckie’s mom, told the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57, that if the two contestants don’t get on the plane by today, they will miss rehearsals for the pageant.

Isezaki said the contestants were made to understand that part of the prize would be the opportunity to compete in the national pageant in Texas and that they woud be provided tickets to travel there.

Isezaki said many family members have already made plans to travel to Texas in order to root for the Guam girls.

According to Aguon, even if the girls were able to leave last Tuesday, they would have arrived two hours late for the international pageants registration.

“So, even if they do leave now they would still be too late to register! This type of production is not empowering women or starting a movement,” Aguon said.