2 Males Arrested in Connection to Dismembered and Burned Victim Found Earlier this Year


2 Males were arrested in relation to the dismembered and burned victim found earlier this year.


Manny Sablan Murciano Jr. was arrested for the following – Murder, Aggravated Assault, Assault, Use of deadly weapon in commission of a felony, reckless conduct, discharge of a firearm, purchase–possession–use of a firearm without valid ID, destruction of evidence, disinterring of a corpse and conspiracy.

Robert Issac Revels, was arrested for Conspiracy, Guilt Established by Complicity, Destruction of Evidence, and Disinterring of a Corpse.

Both were arrested by Guam Police Officers earlier today.

The 2 individuals were arrested for the murder of the victim who was found by the Guam Fire Department on January 29th of this year.

The victim – who is now identified to be Stevy Villanueva of the village of Yigo.

According to Police Chief – Stephen Ignacio – in a media conference – Murciano and Revels were identified through discussion with the Prosecutor’s Office, along with multiple interviews along with evidence that was collected.

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Chief Ignacio said, “It’s our understanding that this case, it involves possibly 2 things. 1 it appears to be a drug related homicide, there’s a debt owed by the victim. And 2 there’s an indication that there may have been an argument between the victim and the suspect regarding a female individual”

The case remains open and has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s office.