2 More Indicted on Guard Recruitment Fraud


 Guam Guard members Anthony Ngirarois and Roderick Ngirmekur were indicted on charges related to the Guard Recruitment Assistance Program fraud.

Guam – Two more Guam Guard members are facing charges of recruitment fraud, bringing the total number of people indicted to seven.

Guam National Guard members Anthony T. Ngirarois and Roderick Y. Ngirmekur were indicted on charges of theft of government property, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

The two were charged in connection to an ongoing investigation into the Guard Recruitment Assistance Program or G-RAP. The program paid recruiter assistants up to $2,000 for every soldier they helped enlist into the Guard.

Court documents say that a total of $36,500 was fraudulently claimed for 20 individuals, 10 of whom both Ngirarois and Ngirmekur claimed together.

Court documents also say that when the recruits they had claimed were interviewed, many of them told authorities that they had never met either of the defendants.

You can read the indictment by clicking on the file below.