2 Navy sailors assisted in Agat car crash

Chief Ken Mabon of the Maritime Expeditionary Security One Detachment

Two US Navy sailors assisted a man who was in a car crash Wednesday evening in Agat.

PNC spoke with one of the sailors, Chief Ken Mabon of the Maritime Expeditionary Security One Detachment, who recalls what happened that night.

At 6:34 pm, while driving home from work, with his two daughters in the vehicle, Chief Mabon noticed what he said looked like a shooting star flying across the road and into the jungle.

However, as he drove up closer to the site, he realized that it was a car crash.

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“I immediately pulled over my truck to the side of the road, turned my hazards on and I turned on my cellphone because that was all that I had and started waving at passing cars, trying to let them know because they can’t see you at night,” Mabon said.

He added: “I started yelling out at drivers passing by but no one was stopping because they couldn’t tell what was going on. They just saw some random dude there.”

Three minutes later, the other sailor, HMI Josephus G. Alleyne, pulled right up at the crash site.

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“It was me and HM1 Alleyne who provided assistance to this victim and HM1 Alleyne was the leader of that scene because when he broke down the door, he was able to do a medical check and assessment for injuries. So ultimately, we decided not to pull him out of the vehicle because we couldn’t tell if he had spinal injury and he helped isolate his leg which he assessed to be broken,” Mabon said.

Another passer-by pulled up at the site and proceeded to call 911. When responders arrived, Mabon says HMI Alleyne gave his full assessment to the Guam Fire Department and GFD took over from there.

GPD’s spokesperson, Sgt. Paul Tapao, told PNC that the male operator was transported to Naval Hospital Guam for treatment and care for the injuries he sustained in the crash.

Guam Fire Department spokesman Kevin Reilly said GFD would also like to recognize and thank the two Navy personnel Chief Ken Mabon and HMI Josephus Alleyne III who safely assisted the patient and provided pertinent information to GFD’s responding units.

This case is still under investigation. As of this time, no citations or arrests have been made.