2 outgoing senators talk about their future plans

Wil Castro and Kelly Marsh-Taitano spoke with PNC to talk about what they will miss doing as the elected voices of the people. (PNC photo)

Last week, then Speaker Tina Muna Barnes gave outgoing senators Kelly Marsh-Taitano, Regine Biscoe Lee, Wil Castro, and Louise Muna an opportunity to bid farewell.

Wil Castro and Kelly Marsh-Taitano spoke with PNC to talk about what they will miss doing as the elected voices of the people.

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First off, former Republican Senator Wil Castro served in the 34th and 35th Guam legislature. He also ran for the congressional seat in Washington. However, he lost to incumbent Congressman Michael F.Q. San Nicolas.

Castro says one of the things he will miss in the legislature is interacting with people from all walks of life and second, finding solutions to help our island community.

“I’m not going to miss the confrontations from those in and outside of politics because not everyone always agrees with you. Some handle it in a respectful way and others don’t,” Castro said.

He added that he has two job offers, one from GovGuam and the other from the private sector. Castro may also start a business of his own. In the meantime, no decision has been made.

In the interview with PNC, Castro says he’s in fact open to running for the 37th Guam Legislature.

“If it means that this bi-partisan body couldn’t come together and pass legislation to advance this island, and it would require me to participate in this again, then I would gladly do it. But it’s not like I’m setting my life up to be a career politician,” he said.

Castro thanks the community, volunteers, and the elected and appointed officials, for doing their part in bettering the people of Guam.

Meanwhile, outgoing Senator Kelly Marsh-Taitano plans to continue giving back to the community and also plans to teach some classes at the University of Guam.

She served in the 35th Guam Legislature and sought a seat in the 36th legislature. However, she came up short.

Marsh-Taitano says she has several community projects that she’d like to tackle and that her work isn’t done.

She added that there are two bills awaiting the Governor’s signature. One is to help straighten the Department of Parks and Recreation and the other designates a day to commemorate those who helped shape our island.

In an interview with PNC, Marsh-Taitano said she will miss the community activities and outreaches.

“It was great developing a team of like-minded individuals and to be that unit that met every day in person or virtually to really talk these issues through and to work together in these various ways,” she said.

She added: “I will continue to be here, looking for ways to benefit our community.”