2 Witnesses Allege Police Instigated Fight at Hemlani Appartments & Support Claims of Police Brutality


The witnesses says that Police escalated the situation and even instigated the fight. They also support claims of police brutality made by a 15 year minor who was arrested.

Guam – Yesterday(Mon) PNC heard from a 15 year old boy who alleges that police officers beat him up and threatened to run him over and shoot him when they arrested him for his involvement in a fight at the Hemlani apartments that sent one officer to the hospital. Today (Tues) we heard from a couple of witnesses from the same incident who say that the police escalated rather than de-escalated the incident. In fact these witnesses allege that it was the police who instigated the fight.


Two witnesses are backing up allegations of police brutality by a 15 year old boy who was involved in a fight at the Hemlani apartments. This is the same incident in which a police officer was ultimately hit with a chair and sent to the hospital.

The witnesses say that it was the police who escalated the situation and they claim police initiated the fight. “They came in. They didn’t ask what was happening they just went straight to like hitting the boys that were drunk,” said one female witness.

This included the 15 year old who told PNC that the police beat him up. These witnesses describe what they saw when the police officer approached the 15 year old who alleged policed brutality. “The boy wasn’t resisting but the cop like shoved him to the shutters and like tackled him down so that’s like why the others came in they were trying to like help the boy,” said the witness.

The witnesses say that after the 15 year old boy was slammed against the shutters and then slammed to the ground other people started telling the police officer to stop.

That’s when they claim that his partner became extremely aggressive. “They started jumping up and down and then the cop was like calling the little boy to fight with him,” said the witness. The witness is talking about the first officer’s partner who she alleges instigated a fight with another minor. This is a different minor not the 15 year old who previously spoke to PNC. “When they were fighting the boy fell to the floor and the cop was standing and then that’s when the other one came in with the chair and hit him,” said the 2nd witness.

Both witnesses allege that the officer kicked the boy in the stomach. “Then when the cop kicked him that’s when the chair came in. That’s when they hit the chair to the cops head then he fell and when he fell that’s when we pulled out the boy that got hurt,” said the 2nd witness.


Both witnesses feel that the police officers did not handle the situation properly. Both allege that it was the officers who escalated the situation and both allege that it was the officers who instigated the fight that lead to one of them being hit with a chair.

So far no one has filed a complaint of police brutality for this particular incident. Both the alleged victim and the witnesses who spoke to us said they didn’t know where to turn. They also say they are afraid of retaliation.