2 Yamashita Bills Become Law


Guam – 2 education related bills introduced by Senator Aline Yamashita were signed into law Monday by Governor Eddie Calvo.

Those 2 bills are Bill 32 and Bill 64.

Bill 32 reverts the Guam Education Board to a policy board:

In a release, Senator Yamahsita is quoted as saying:

“I am so humbled and honored to have the support of the Guam Legislature and now, Governor Eddie Calvo. I am thankful that island leaders agree that that the superintendent should have full authority to accompany full responsibility for our 31,000 students and 4,000 public servants throughout our public school system.”

Bill No. 64 allows the Guam Department of Education to enter into Public-Private Partnership for the maintenance, operation and repair of facilities:  

The release quotes the Senator as saying:

“As well, I am appreciative that the Guam Legislature and Governor Eddie Calvo agree that something different needs to be done to address our facilities.  This law provides for preventive measures so that schools are no longer shut down as our facilities and maintenance employees are provided the needed training and resources to ensure that each site is healthy and safe. I thank Governor Eddie Calvo for his foresight and vision in agreeing that this is a new direction for all school communities.”