VIDEO: 200 Aviation Officials Attend Pacific Aviation Directors Workshop


Guam- Over 200 aviation officials packed the Westin Resort as the Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA) hosts the Pacific Aviation Directors Workshop.

Airport Executive Manager Chuck Ada says they are discussing issues surrounding the theme “Aviation Safety through International Leadership, Education and Marketing.” He mentions dozens of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials are on island, including regional airport managers from Palau, Chuuk, Korsrae, Hawaii and other jurisdictions of the pacific.

“So there’s a lot of leadership folks here on island and it’s a good opportunity to strengthen partnerships, not only within the jurisdiction, but also the federal counterparts from FAA and the other federal families that are here, to again ensure better safety as far as aviation is concerned.”

Ada adds they will also speak to the FAA on a series of issues with the Guam Airport which includes its expansion for economic growth and the China Visa Waiver Program. The workshop wraps up on Thursday, March 15th.