Guam Guard Cleans Army Drive & Veterans Cemetery


Guam- Over 200 soldiers and airmen from the Guam National Guard cleaned up various sites around the island Thursday.

Guam Guard Spokesman Captain Ken Ola says they filled dozens of trash bags along Army Drive from the tri-intersection to the Micronesia Mall. The cleanup is a quarterly event for the Guard as part of its community service and beautification efforts. Ola adds they also picked up trash and debris at other sites to prepare for Veteran’s Day.

“And we also assigned another unit down at the Veterans Cemetery“ said Ola. “This is part of our salute to veterans and preparation for Veteran’s Day. One other location that we went ahead and cleaned up and spruced up is where the softball field is at over at Tiyan.”

The bulk of the roadside cleanup efforts occurred between 5:45 a.m. to 8 a.m. Thursday.