GovGuam SelectCare Contract Not Signed for This Year or Next


Guam – While there has been much debate over whether or not Gov Guam should sign the health insurance contract with Select Care. PNC News has learned that the health insurance contract for this current year was never signed.

 Although the term of this year’s Gov Guam health insurance contract is almost over, it turns out that the contract for this year was never even signed. Speaker Judi Won Pat explained saying that there was not signature from BBMR, the AG’s office or the Governor’s Office. So when was the last time a health insurance contract for Gov Guam was signed well according to the Speaker it is her understanding that one hasn’t been signed since 2008.

 So what does this all mean? Well it means that GovGuam has been paying for services for something that it never had a contract for. Speaker Won Pat says it also means there are many more questions that need to be answered. “Some hard questions really need to be asked about why is this contract not signed.? Why is it being rushed to be signed now? What is the response of the A.G.? Is this a legitimate contract and if it wasn’t signed by BBMR to certify that there are funds available so there are a lot of questions that need to be answered,” said.

 DOA’s Cecilia Martinez told K57’s Travis Kaufman today that the reason why the 2009-2010 contract was not signed was because there is a provision in the contract having to do with a dispute resolution that the A.G. believed violated the law. It’s not clear yet what provision that was.

 Meanwhile, today the speaker went up to Adelup to talk to acting governor Mike Cruz about the 2011 contract. She says she urged the acting governor not to sign the current contract as she would rather see them take it back to the drawing board. “Put them in a room have all the information available not just of course I know the utilization data that they have which they will have to sign a disclosure form but in addition I think we really need to know what their losses are because that will give us a truer picture whether in fact what they are saying is that they are losing money,” explained the Speaker.

 Today the governor’s office confirmed that Governor Camacho will sign the 2011 contract when he gets back on island. This still doesn’t change the fact that the 2009-2010 contract hasn’t been signed. Meanwhile Senator Frank Aguon Jr. has confirmed that he is definitely considering holding an oversight hearing.

 Acting Governor Mike Cruz has sent a letter to Calvo’s SelectCare plan administrator Frank Campillo asking him to make available the medical loss ratios, medical denial rates, and administrative costs for each of the last three fiscal years. In his letter Cruz says this information will allow the people of Guam to fully consider the merits of these new costs and make the best choice for their families. PNC news attempted to contact Campillo however he declined to provide a comment at this time.